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What is MirrorBuilder?

MirrorBuilder makes an exact copy of a single web page, including most of the images on that page. It is not perfect; it probably will never be, but most websites will render OK.

This can be a handy tool for news sites and weblogs that need to capture pages that were - for instance - published unintentionally, temporarily or are otherwise worth capturing before they are removed from the public eye.

It allows you to instantly link to it and show the page exactly how it was at that point in time without losing information a simple screenshot would lack. It`s a fast, easy and reliable tool.

Webmasters: e-mail us at custom [at] mirrorbuilder.com to get a customized version in your site layout.

MirrorBuilder will ONLY save text and images and will NOT make copies of video, flash or audio, but will deeplink to these media (provided that these are still available). It is NOT possible to make mirrors of content that require the user to be logged on to any site, nor will it ever be.

This is NOT a temporary service thanks to the good people at 110mb.com.
All (non-illegal) mirrors will be saved INDEFINiTELY.

Creating a mirror might feel somewhat slow, especially when the page contains a lot of images. Links to a an already created mirror will respond a LOT faster!

MirrorBulder.com is NOT responsible for the content that is shown on mirrored pages or any breach of copyright (or any other) law. In fact, it can even help you collect proof when your copyright was violated. You can read more about this in our terms of service. If you wish to report illegal content, please e-mail to
illegal [at] mirrorbuilder.com. Make sure to include the URL in question.